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Women of the World

Women of the World: A Global Collection of Art

A dazzling collection of art by women from across the globe was originally intended to be auctioned off in 2003. New Orleans collector Richard C. Colton, Jr. was so moved by the power of the assemblage, however, that he bought it whole in order to keep it that way, and to share it with the world. Conceived by Claudia DeMonte, each of the 176 female artists of this fabulous collection donated their pieces to the exhibition to raise money to help other women. What was designed as a single transitory show has become an enduring, gender-transcending metaphor for the common ground of struggle and beauty among cultures. Read Richard Colton’s project story here.

Follow the link in Multimedia Content below to view the fabulous Women of the World galleries, and be sure to *click the arrow* at lower left at Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 to bring additional images into view:


Women of the World GALLERIES

See the site for exhibition locations and info:

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What are your thoughts about individual pieces in this art collection? How are you impacted by the collection as a whole?


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