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The End of War-1 (Contours Podcast)

Book Cover: The End of War

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Most of us perceive warfare as the single-most horrific tool employed by nations in the settling of disputes. But how often do we hear convincing counter-narratives that offer hope for a better way? Listen to my interview with scholar John Horgan, author of “The End of War” to hear a unique perspective on cultural evolution, and his conclusion that a warless future could be humanity’s next step.

We point to realities such as resource scarcity, gaps in gender and wealth, religious and ethnic tensions, to be the triggers of war. John Horgan turns this idea on it’s head. He says, to the contrary, that war is actually the provenance of such realities. “The End of War” is a fascinating window into our deeper human past from a scientific perspective. It challenges our notion of an historical timeline dominated by bloodlust, and insists that warfare is in truth a recent manmade phenomenon that can be overcome.

Science writer John Horgan has lectured across North America and has appeared on many broadcasts, including NPR’s Lehrer Newshour and Charlie Rose Show, and NPR’s The Brian Lehrer Show.

Listen to him speak eloquently on his subject, using biological and anthropological evidence to support his book’s vision for the end of war: See Multimedia Content here:


Hear this remarkable conversation below on See Multimedia Content:


Multimedia Content




Listen to Part Two: The End of War II


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Do you believe that humankind is capable of ending warfare? Which of John Horgan’s points surprise you, or not?


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