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Thursday, July 4th, 2013    Culture
Independence Day

Remembering Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Independence Day invites reverence for our founders, as well as our freedoms. Somewhat under the radar is one poignant story concerning two of them: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. They each signed the Declaration of Independence, were political friends turned political enemies, and both died the same year –on the same exact day, which happened to be July 4th.

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Creative action is the fundamental key to innovation in all fields of endeavor. It has opened the common gateway to remarkable cultural achievements since antiquity. Our complex daily lives are bombarded by stories of what is broken. News of what is not working in our society often trumps what is actually making a difference. This Blog is dedicated to creative action that endures through resistance to spawn positive change. We seek to inspire: to create gateways to new visions, aspirations and solutions. Meet the creative agents of global change.

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