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Friday, December 31st, 2010    Art, Culture
Dream of America (Contours Podcast)

A Film about an Iraqi Refuge

The year’s end brings reflection on the power of great creative work. This December, I Interviewed Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehan Harney about her film “Dream of America,” which documents Iraqi men who fled to America after risking their lives in defiance of Saddam Hussein. Listen to how the men’s story literally made Washington Post headlines earlier in 2010. The resulting publicity garnered welcome support for the film’s main subject, a father of four, whose fidelity to the U.S. led him into serious and continuing personal struggles.

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Creative action is the fundamental key to innovation in all fields of endeavor. It has opened the common gateway to remarkable cultural achievements since antiquity. Our complex daily lives are bombarded by stories of what is broken. News of what is not working in our society often trumps what is actually making a difference. This Blog is dedicated to creative action that endures through resistance to spawn positive change. We seek to inspire: to create gateways to new visions, aspirations and solutions. Meet the creative agents of global change.

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