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Ghetto Celebrity (Contours Podcast)

book cover: "Son of Ghetto Celebrity"

If you love to hear new important voices, or you have endured the creative struggle, listen to this podcast. It will touch bone.

Donnell Alexander’s memoir “Son of Ghetto Celebrity” is a hard-hitting, layered piece of writing. Its dexterous and hip language shapes a critical personal journey while weaving a deeper fabric of black and universal struggle. (A new version of the original book was just released in electronic form.)

In working on this interview, I came to realize why Donnell’s book was distributed widely in American libraries, and why his work resonates soundly in Europe. The book is not for the faint-of-heart, it’s for those who relate to its message with heart.

Hear this special conversation below on See Multimedia Content:


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What in Donnell’s experience and creative process do you relate to?


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Chicago-based creativity coach Barbara Bowen interviews Donnell Alexander. « Alexander / Swift Productions Says:

[…] Listen to the Interview. Please Share this too: Twitter/Facebook:Like…

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