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Cultural Rights / Dignity and Empowerment / Environment / Inter-Cultural Communication / Freedom Issues / Friends of Gateways To Action


Cultural Rights:

Cultures on the Edge:
Steve McCurry’s blog and gallery about vanishing peoples and their livelihoods.

Dignity and Empowerment:

Kids with Cameras:
Organization teaching the art of photography to marginalized children around the world.
A micro-lending website, alleviating poverty by empowering global entrepreneurs
Room To Read:
Partners with world communities to provide schools and education to children.


Ted Turner Foundation:
Makes grants in the areas of environment and population

Inter-Cultural Communication:

Daniel Pearl Foundation:
Promotes cross-cultural understanding through journalism and music.

Alliance of Civilizations:
An initiative of the UN Secretary-General for cooperation among nations

U.S. Muslim Engagement Project:
Initiative formed to reduce extremism in relations between the U.S. and key Muslim countries

East West Institute:
A global organization forging collective action for a safer and better world

Freedom Issues:

Online journal devoted to the principles of equality, democracy and human rights

Pen American Center:
Writers working to advance literature and protect freedoms

American Freedom Campaign:
Works to insure justice and prevent abuses of executive power

Creative action is the fundamental key to innovation in all fields of endeavor. It has opened the common gateway to remarkable cultural achievements since antiquity. Our complex daily lives are bombarded by stories of what is broken. News of what is not working in our society often trumps what is actually making a difference. This Blog is dedicated to creative action that endures through resistance to spawn positive change. We seek to inspire: to create gateways to new visions, aspirations and solutions. Meet the creative agents of global change.

Contours Podcast:

Listen to engaging conversations with Creative Voices Defining Global Change...
The Contours podcast is produced by this blog and accompanies these posts.

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