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photo by: JR

JR is a young innovative French photographer who stays below radar. He offers few words about his work, but his enormous black and white portraits loom large in public areas of highly populated communities. He directs his subjects to make exaggerated facial expressions that manage, amidst the amusement, to raise questions about identity, sexism, complacency, poverty and violence.

JR reportedly stays anonymous in order to exhibit in surprising locations, most often without seeking permission. His oversized canvases transform unknown individuals into unforgettable icons. His museum locale is on the streets, where the public makes direct connection with his featured subjects, who dominate the walls of the landscape. Check out these fabulous VIDEOS in Multimedia Content below:


VIDEO: JR: Women Are Heroes

  • VIDEO: JR In Kenya



    Visit JR’s Web site:

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    Do you think JR’s images are powerful? Why? Or why not? What do they mean to you?


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