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Enhanced Interrogation

Image by Fernando Botero: "Abu Ghraib"

The Bush era calls for continuing reflection, not least of which, about the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques implemented by the CIA to break down detainees during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The complex arguments for and against the program are clarified in this stirring 2009 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now five years old, this video is as fresh as ever.

No matter which side of the issue you’re on, the testimony of academics and government servants encountered here will provide new insights to anything you’ve seen in the news.

Despite the shelving of the program, torture was institutionalized, here, in America. And it now sits on the shelf, for our heirs to re-consider after the next major catastrophe on our soil. In my view, it’s incumbent upon us all to gain clarity about exactly where we stand, –and a strong consensus based upon truthful accounts.

Carve some time, this video is 1 hour/40 minutes. It’s rewarding, and you’ll be glad you watched.


I have linked Part 2 of this video because it goes to the heart of the questions by placing the historical use of cruel and unusual punishment into context. Note: (Part 1 is also available for you on the linked page, at bottom.)

See Multimedia Content below to watch the video.

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Check out this Action link to VIEW more of Fernando Botero’s work on the subject of Abu Ghraib…


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What is your view of the EIT program? What arguments have influenced your view?


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