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Gateways To Action is an independent blog serving to highlight positive global change leaders from now and the past. I explore the creative struggle: the challenges and rewards, and its role in serving the greater good of society.  I created the blog to turn from the de-energizing slant in most mainstream media, and to bend toward inspiration and solutions. If you feel inspired by what you see here; I would welcome your favor in the form of a donation, in the amount of your choice. I have much to accomplish, and your contribution is most appreciated.

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I am presently seeking sponsors to support my blog. If you are a nonprofit or corporation with intersecting values and goals, I welcome you to contact me. Feel free to call (347-661-2936) or email Barbara Bowen for further information.  Please view my mission statement here.

Some of my favorite topics are:

Cross-cultural Understanding / Dignity and Empowerment / Human and Civil Rights / Environment / Issues of Faith & Reason: Tempering Extremism / Fostering Democratic Reform / Diplomatic and Political Solutions

In regards to choosing topics, I also consider:

  • Tangible effects
  • Measured results in healing roots causes of issues addressed
  • Proven record of abiding in good faith
  • As relevant: enduring accountability to its donors, staff and volunteers

Our Approach:
I acknowledge the vital contribution journalism makes to uncovering and exposing serious global challenges of our day.   My aim differs, however, in that I choose to direct attention primarily to positive actions and outcomes under-reported by the mainstream media.
My approach does not deny conditions and inadequacies that motivate corrective action. However, I place less focus on declaiming associated ills, and more focus on how a project advocates successfully in response to such ills. Gateways to Action serves to liberate its content from becoming mired in what is broken. I aim to use artistic acumen to explore and contribute to new visions and aspirations; to keep my eyes and ears open to fleeting moments of beauty, to the timeless in the immediate, and to convey this essence here.

Creative action is the fundamental key to innovation in all fields of endeavor. It has opened the common gateway to remarkable cultural achievements since antiquity. Our complex daily lives are bombarded by stories of what is broken. News of what is not working in our society often trumps what is actually making a difference. This Blog is dedicated to creative action that endures through resistance to spawn positive change. We seek to inspire: to create gateways to new visions, aspirations and solutions. Meet the creative agents of global change.

Contours Podcast:

Listen to engaging conversations with Creative Voices Defining Global Change...
The Contours podcast is produced by this blog and accompanies these posts.

Donations / Sponsors
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