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Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Photo image: Star of David pattern

photo by: Crystal

Loss and creative power seem to be inextricably connected. This month of October marks the 9th year of concerts performed globally in memory of Daniel Pearl, a journalist (and musician) who was brutally murdered by terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan, in early 2002.

As the story of Daniel’s life and death has spread to many corners of the world, the bravery demonstrated in face of terrorist actions has touched many hearts.

After the murder, which sent shock-waves through many countries, family and friends created a foundation to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music and innovative communications. Daniel Pearl World Music Days was created by the slain journalist’s musician friends in 2002 to honor “Danny’s” message of tolerance and hope for a more enlightened humanity. The variety of music performed aroung the world reflects Daniel’s own eclectic love of music, ranging from classical and jazz to folk and bluegrass. The annual event has grown to include over 6,000 performances in 105 countries.

Journalist Mariane Pearl, widow of Daniel Pearl, documented the events surrounding Daniel’s death in her book, “A Mighty Heart,” which later became a film by the same title. Through her writing and speaking, Mariane points to the investigation period of the crisis in Pakistan, during which a wide swath of officials, men and women from many backgrounds (Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian), worked together in solidarity to locate the perpetrators and try to save Daniel’s life. Mrs. Pearl has stated that this cross-cultural experience provided her with a ray of hope for a better world and a key to her own emotional survival through the loss of her husband.

Through the foundation’s activities, the unimaginable loss endured by Daniel’s family and friends has been channeled creatively into messages of tolerance and love: the truest weapons against hatred.

Follow this link to see a timeline of events surrounding Daniel Pearl’s Life.

In Multimedia Content below, see a VIDEO (below) of Mariane Pearl speaking about her mission in journalism: *NOTE: Click the YouTube icon to access all five segments of the video.* See also a VIDEO of a memorial lecture by Christopher Hitchens, tracing the pernicious history of anti-Semitism and our need to ensure its defeat for a more peaceful world:


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What do you find surprising in the story of Daniel Pearl’s death? What is your perspective about the history of the Jewish experience? What have you witnessed or experienced about hardship and the responses to it?

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