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The Baseline Scenario

coins representing financial sector

The public is wary of the financial industry’s political power in Washington. But is it wary enough? The Baseline Scenario is an engaging blog that breaks down the complexities of the financial disaster for math-challenged readers like me. Begun in 2008, the blog is now being regularly cited by a plethora of major magazines and newspapers. The co-authors’ new book, “13 Bankers, The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown,” is one we should all be reading. VIDEO: Bill Moyers Interview

  • VIDEO: Bill Maher Roundtable

    Simon Johnson and James Kwak of The Baseline Scenario are leading the charge for financial reform. Their book expresses our public outrage. The disease of Wall Street fraud, spreading hardship and pain worldwide, has so far earned little more than a slap on the wrist. Could it be that the banks are even more powerful than before the disaster hit?! This replay of the early 1930s ain’t over yet. Public figures like Nobel Laureates Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz are calling on government to break up and regulate the big banks, but the undertow is formidable. See Multimedia Content for VIDEOS: Bill Moyer’s eye-opening interview with the authors, and an entertaining Bill Maher roundtable with guests Simon Johnson of Baseline Scenario, Laura Flanders of Grit T.V. and David Remnick of the New York Times.

    The book:

    book cover: 13 Bankers



    Visit this link, and let your voice be heard:

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