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Gateways To Action is a blog covering artistic and cultural activities on the defining lines of positive global change, often ignored or under-reported by mainstream media.

My focus is on projects, individuals and stories that foster democratic freedom in distinctively creative ways. I interview or write about leaders of today and yesterday, making a significant impact on society, and I explore the creative process that drives them to fulfill their goals.

My topics are in alignment with core values articulated in the International Declaration of Human Rights and the American Constitution.

My mission is to bring more public attention and energy to creative arts and freedom-related activities.

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Barbara Bowen is a writer/photographer and founder of Gateways To Action. She established Gateways Coaching in 1997, helping creative professionals worldwide to mine the creative process as an effective bridge to career transition. Her twenty-year engagement with the arts led to this blog, designed to reveal the anatomy of the creative process in action, and to create a resource for positive global change. See Barbara’s in-depth profile here.


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Creative action is the fundamental key to innovation in all fields of endeavor. It has opened the common gateway to remarkable cultural achievements since antiquity. Our complex daily lives are bombarded by stories of what is broken. News of what is not working in our society often trumps what is actually making a difference. This Blog is dedicated to creative action that endures through resistance to spawn positive change. We seek to inspire: to create gateways to new visions, aspirations and solutions. Meet the creative agents of global change.

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